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mulberry bags Has established the Qing Dynasty palace and the furnace for copper for the mass production of bronze, that the inner court furnishings, temple worship, the Imperial Ancestral Temple altar and other rural uses. Especially in the Qianlong court antique device height, of course, good old liberal with Emperor Qianlong’s personality and feelings about. This sculpture has much developed in the early Warring States Period. Qing bronze casting using the ancient lost wax method, to the Qing Dynasty, reached the pinnacle of the casting technique to produce a variety of complex shapes, and physical specifications, dignified and refined. Decorative methods also varied, with chisel engraved, engraving, burning ancient, gilt silver, gold and silver inlay, throwing, etc., in succession at the same time seek to develop. Terms of skin color in the objects is changing, Construction Section of the files recorded spots have azurite, malachite green grouper, vermilion spots, liver-colored, aeruginous, the end of the color of tea, emerald green, blue crab and eel and yellow.

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