コーチ財布 Many people have heard of the words Chinese Dim Sum, but do you know what it is? The word “dim sum” is derived from Cantonese language which literally means “dot the heart”. It is a meal usually eaten during breakfast, brunch or tea consists of a combination of a variety of Chinese appetizers and snacks in small servings served in small steamer baskets or plates. Dim sum can be deep fried, steamed or baked. The classic dim sum meal generally consist of a variety of buns such as the cha siu bao (BBQ Pork Buns) or lotus bean paste buns, dumplings and rice noodle rolls or cheong fun. These dumplings and noodle rolls are stuffed with beef, prawns, pork and chicken. Two very popular dim sum dumplings are siu mai and har gaw. However, if you are vegetarian, you can get it with vegetarian stuffing too. Other than these, you can also find other dishes like congee porridge, lotus-leaf wrapped sticky rice pork ribs or chicken feet in black bean sauce, steamed vegetables, chow mein, roasted meats, egg tarts and soups. Dim sum dining, also known as “yam cha”, basically means “drinking tea”. This is simply because that tea generally accompanies dim sum dishes. A couple of the most common teas that are served in a dim sum restaurant are oolong also called wu lung, Chrysanthemum, and green tea. One more tea that you can find that is commonly recognized to help digestion is pu-er, which is a type of strong tea. It is a Chinese custom to pour tea for others before pouring your own cup of tea. The recipient may give his/her thanks to the one who pours the tea by tapping his/her index finger several times near the cup if you are a single or using both the middle and index fingers if you’re married. The tapping technique symbolizes bowing to them with thanks. It is done to save time in loud or lively dim sum houses as the person might be chatting or eating when the host is serving their tea. Another gesture used in a dim sum restaurant, which is used to get the waiter’s attention, is to leave the lid off of the pot. It is a tradition to get dim sum family style as they are served in a small portion of two or four pieces in one plate. Ordering dim sum family style enables every family member to share and enjoy many varieties of food. You may get two to three baskets for each kind of dim sum if one basket is not enough to go around. In a dim sum restaurant, you can either order from a menu or in some restaurants, dim sum is offered by someone going around the restaurant by using a trolley cart. The price of dim sum dishes may vary. There are restaurants that calculate the total by the number and size or even at times by the color of the dishes that are left on the eaters table. There are also those that record the dishes served on a bill at the table. This is a tidier method and prevents patrons from hiding or stealing the plates in an attempt to cheat. In some restaurants, to record the amount of sales made by a particular server, each of the servers uses a unique stamp on the bill. The varieties of dim sum are endless. Some of my favorites are mango pudding, deep fried taro cake, steamed scallop dumpling, fried beancurd rolls with shrimps and stuffed eggplant. Make sure you try them!

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エルメス One report says he was detained in Quang Ninh and released after 12 hours in custody, after being told to cease his political activities.

kate spade handbags This is the second article I have written this week (bearing the same title). Although it relates to a different subject, it still stresses the fact that there is definitely something wrong with some of our laws, and with some of the people who enforce them, when protecting someone’s freedom of speech is afforded a higher priority than protecting the mind of an innocent child. How much longer are Americans going to sit by and let the will of the minority rule the lives of the majority? Our present laws, many of which are over 200 years old, need to be updated to reflect what’s going on in TODAY’S world. Continuing to live by ancient laws is allowing almost any individual and their attorney to challenge, reverse or eliminate practices and beliefs we have incorporated into our lives for hundreds of years. Eliminate these antiquated legal loopholes, and keep American laws up-to-date to protect what the “majority” wants, and not what some of the oddball minorities demand!

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kate spade wallet As a human race, for long, we have always applauded the traits of grit, determination, effort, hard work, will power, discipline and struggle. These traits go hand in hand with the adage “No pain, No gain”. It’s very common for people to preach the values of hard work especially to kids, thus programming their minds to hook on to this “idea” that anything worth while in life can only be achieved through tremendous hard work and effort. This “programming” is the very reason why a lot of minds feel terrible guilt about relaxing unless it’s “vacation time”. This programming of valuing “hard work” has become so ingrained in most of our minds that anyone who challenges this conditioning is usually looked upon as someone who is being “impractical”, “dreamer” or “fantasy” oriented. When you are living a life oriented towards effort and hard work, you know in your heart that this not how life is supposed to be – but you carry on because you see no other option. May be not everyone is ready to let go of this age old conditioning of aligning with will-power and hard work, but anyone who really understands the science of creation would know that “effort” is always against life’s movement of creation, and that’s the only reason why it feels like effort. When you let go of “your” personal will/effort to make it happen, you are in a place to allow life to orchestrate the events to make it happen for you in the most effortless manner. Effortless Creation Is The New Way Of Living The transformation of consciousness, that takes place after waking up to your truth, inherently starts rooting you in a place of ease and effortlessness. If you are in the grip of struggle, it just means that you are still in the grip of certain “fears” in your mind that you are not yet willing to give up. All struggle, effort and hard work, arise from a place of lack and fear. By “hard work” I simply mean any action that does not feel like “joy” to your being. If you are enjoying what you are doing, it will never feel like “hard work” to you. A lot of people talk about how it’s not possible/practical to make money just by doing what you enjoy, but ask yourself if it’s really possible to get to a place of joy by doing something that is not joyful to you? That’s not how creation works. Joy always attracts abundance of every form be it money, relationships or health. Hard work, effort and struggle (anything unjoyful) attracts more of it, so even when you make money through hard work you will still find yourself attracting more struggles with it. You just need to look around you, at humans who are struggling, (or may be at your own life) to know the validity to this truth. When you are not joyful in the present, it’s not possible to manifest joy in the future – it has to start in the present. It’s not possible for you to experience true abundance when your daily life is focused on hard work and effort. Every moment of your life that you don’t “enjoy” is a moment that goes wasted, and it also creates resistance in you to your life’s movement. So if you desire a life of joy and ease, you need to align with it in your present life instead of “waiting” for it to arrive somehow in the future. Effort Is Not How Manifestation Unfolds All notions of effort come from the human mind that has been programmed since childhood in the belief in hard work and grit. But once you start understanding the physics of life’s movement, you will know that the very reason an action feels like “effort” is because you are expending energy to go against life’s movement at that moment. Anyone who understands basic physics would know that effort is only needed to oppose a “force” in the opposite direction. So when you are involved in an activity which feels like an effort to you, guess which force you are opposing? – The force of your life’s movement towards your desires. This is a radically different perspective to what the mind has been used to so long and hence it meets a lot of resistance in the mind. A lot of people might even feel challenged by the very notion of aligning with “effortlessness”. But there is already a lot of evidence across history of the most amazing discoveries and inventions being made by humans who were aligned with their ease and joy. All the inventions that came from a place of struggle, and hard work, have only been counter-productive to humanity in the long run. The best master-pieces come from artists who create in moments of inspiration, with absolute ease of action. Artists who make art using tools of hard work and discipline may still sell their art but it may not have the quality and essence that is present in an art created by someone who manifested it in a space of inspired action. Allow Life’s Movement To Manifest The Reality For You This is not a philosophical statement, neither is this a spiritual statement, this is a very scientific statement, rooted in actual “physics” of energy movement. Life’s movement is a movement of energy, and it’s instigated from the energy of your desire. Your desire is basically a thought of “creation”, and like all thoughts it has the power to attract onto itself when it’s given attention. The good news is that the very energy of life is focused (giving attention) on your desire because its vibration is “pure positive”. The energy of life is not focused on negative thoughts because it does not match the vibration of “pure positive”, the only source that is focused on negative thoughts is the “human mind” (or the brain in general). Since life is focused on every pure positive thought that arises from human consciousness, every desire in you is in the focus of life. And this focus creates an “attraction”, whereby the desire (the thought) attracts onto itself and thus condenses into a physical reality. All you need to do is let yourself be pulled in by this force of attraction created by your desires. To be pulled in by this force you need to stop struggling against it, by letting go of any actions that feel “unjoyful” or effortful to your being. The more you stay focused on undertaking joyful action and relaxing, the more it’s an indication that you are going with the pull of your desires. Joy is felt when there is no “resistance” to the pull of your life (created by your desires). A lot of people may not really understand the “technicalities” of how a creation unfolds in life, and it may require more words to convey the whole process more clearly. However, it’s easy to see that whenever you do something that is not joyful/peaceful, it feels like you are pulling against something – it’s important that you ask yourself what is this force that you are pulling against? Because it’s a real force and it’s very present every moment. I am simply pointing you to the truth that this force is your life’s movement created by your desires, and by opposing it you are resisting your own well-being and abundance. When you let go of your struggle, you will always be pulled in by this strong pull of your life’s movement, which will allow the quick of your desired realities.

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