mulberry outlet WASHINGTON — Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romneyadmitted on Thursday he “did some dumb things” in highschool, issuing a tepid apology over startling revelations hebullied and physically accosted a classmate who was presumed gay. His remarks came in the wake of a Washington Post story that quotesseveral former Romney schoolmates by name as they recall thepresidential wannabe holding down a classmate and forcibly cuttinghis long, bleached-blond bangs after disparaging the boy”sappearance. “Back in high school, I did some dumb things,” Romneysaid during a Fox News Radio interview, although he added hedoesn”t remember the incident. “And if anyone was hurt by that or offended, obviously Iapologize for that.” In 1965, at least five students at Cranbrook all-boys high schoolin Michigan witnessed the attack, according to the Post report. Romney, then the teenaged son of the Michigan governor in his finalyear of high school, was outraged by his classmate”sappearance, led a cheering gang of students in an attack againstthe boy, pinned him to the ground and hacked off locks of his hair.

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