鈥? After a hip resurfacing operation, the patient鈥檚 hip will be covered with a padded dressing. To prevent the formation of blood clots, special boots are placed on the feet. A triangle-shaped cushion may be positioned between the legs to keep the patient鈥檚 legs from rolling or crossing. 鈥? If general anesthesia is used, a respiratory therapist or nurse visits the patient to guide him/her in a series of breathing exercises. 鈥? As long as the patient is in the hospital, physical therapy treatments are given two or three times a day. The therapist begins the first session soon after the patient awakens from surgery. The therapist helps the patient to move from the hospital bed to a chair and vice-versa. By the second day, the patient can usually begin to walk with the help of crutches. 鈥? The therapist will review exercises to begin toning and strengthening the thigh and hip muscles. Ankle and knee movements help to reduce swelling and prevent blood clotting. 鈥? The patient will usually be able to go home after spending two to four days in the hospital. The patient can only go home when he/she gains the ability to get in and out of bed without much difficulty, can walk up to 75 feet with crutches, and can go up and down stairs safely. 鈥? The patient needs to remember to take precautions as directed by the therapist even when they are at home. 鈥? The staples will usually be removed two weeks later which ensures proper recovery.

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