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lululemon Brilliant flashes of creativity and pure imagination! Those are the top reasons people are getting addicted to American Inventor, an exciting new reality TV program. Stir up some inspiration in yourself by watching on satellite TV as average Joes turn their ideas into brilliant products. The name of the show, American Inventor, is a dead giveaway for the general idea € inventions made by entrepreneur Americans € but it doesn€t fully explain the whimsical appeal of the show itself. Inventing is turned into a sport, as 12 Americans, selected from hundreds of entrants, tinker and improve their pet invention in an attempt to clobber the competition.

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lululemon When seatbelts were made mandatory, some people complained that its use increased the chances that you’d get hurt. As they said, when there would be a fire, you won’t get out in time. Others claimed that wearing seatbelts increased pedestrian fatalities because it made overconfident drivers to go faster. They really hated to wear them and only did it when the fines were large and frequent enough. Aside from being fined, drivers and passengers caught without seatbelts could also lose out in court in accident scenarios.

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