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authentic calvin johnson jersey Other than the above mentioned mechanical features, the Nissan Sunny automatic edition will be made available to the buyers only in the mid-level XL trim. The 2013 edition of Nissan Sunny will also exhibit all-four power windows along with keyless entry and go. One can also witness a double-DIN audio system and the audio controls being mounted on steering. Also, the double-DIN audio system will be compatible with CDs and auxiliary inputs. On the inside, the all new sedan features dash integrated music system with four speakers along with power steering, two airbags and both side electric door mirror. On the outside, the car is mounted on alloy wheels that give the car a ground clearance of 165mm. Measuring 4425 mm in length, 1695 mm in width and 1505 mm height-wise, the all the Nissan Sunny automatic also exhibits 490 litres of boot space. Also, the automatic version of Nissan Sunny that comes in a petrol variant displays body colored bumpers along with rear defogger.

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