borse chanel outlet Reporter learned from the Fuxin Municipal Bureau of Culture, China is the world’s best quality produce agate country, Brazil is the world’s largest production country agate. The Fuxin is one of our main origin of agate, abundant reserves, accounting for more than 50% of total reserves, mainly in the formation of agate in Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County of the old river soil, shijiazi, Cang soil, nur, qijiazi other places. China’s Zhong Hua famous gem expert help in the “China Agate Resources” article wrote: “Fuxin region of the agate stone is rich in resources, most of the ore body has not exploitation.” According to preliminary statistics, the Fuxin region of each agate mining capacity of 800 tons or so. Fuxin is the color of all the characteristics of agate, varieties, excellent texture, concentrate Church, the main varieties of red agate, purple agate, agate plants, water, bile agate, black red flower agate, white agate and other safflower, these agate stones home and abroad. It is learned from the national cultural heritage site investigation unearthed hundreds of pieces of sea-agate scraper proved ancestors in agate Fuxin mining, processing and use have been 8000 years. Has experienced Liao, Qing 2 boom, Qianlong Fuxin agate industry heyday, it was “Veritable Records” records: “Excavation of the cave straight six, kiln thousand people, located in Southern Business Yap . “Fuxin agate natural beauty, is a sculptor who carried out the ideal art material. Bin Li is also a brief introduction to reporters agate identification standards, one shiny, transparent beautiful stone moist; second Mohs hardness of 4 degrees.

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