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Michael Reed, from Emerald, set his senior students an assignment earlier this year to research Kate Middleton’s family tree. Although it was already known to the Middletons, that research showed the family could trace its roots back to various earls and countesses through Kate’s father, Michael. Further research by Mr Reed has uncovered portraits and even film footage of Kate’s ancestors, including her great-great-great grandfather, Francis Lupton, and his two brothers Sir Charles and Hugh, both of whom served terms as Lord Mayor of Leeds. In addition to his role as Lord Mayor, Mr Reed said, Sir Charles Lupton also set up one of the largest law firms in the world, DLA Piper. Online research led Mr Reed to discover that a portrait of Sir Charles bugs bunny 8s Lupton was being held by the Leeds Art Gallery, albeit in the basement.

Further digging revealed that the UK archive agency British Pathe held film footage featuring the Luptons. One film from 1915 shows Sir Charles Lupton paying a visit to the Leeds Pals Battalion in a camp near Colsterdale in the Yorkshire Dales. He is accompanied by his three brothers, one of whom was Francis, Kate’s great great grandfather. Another film from 1927 depicts Hugh Lupton and his wife Isabella greeting Princess Mary, sister to the King, George VI. Mr Reed said much had been made about the “coal mining ancestors” of Kate Middleton’s mother Carole, but in fact the Middleton family had aristocratic connections going back generations. When asked about his interest in the area, Mr Reed said he was “initially attracted to the fact that Kate Middleton had aristocratic ancestors” but after a while the research phoenix suns 8s became more and more engaging.

Health care plan posing a problem In a major setback for his most vaunted legislative accomplishment, President Obama is acknowledging problems implementing his comprehensive health insurance program. The typical rule in Washington, D.C., is that the more embarrassing the announcement, the harder the government/political establishment tries to minimize the news. Considered in that context, President Obama last week set the new indoor record for trying to sneak a huge story past a sometimes somnambulant public. Although President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is popularly known as “Obamacare,” the bill’s namesake skipped the announcement that he’s grape 5s for sale delaying a major program feature for at least a year. Obama left it to a relatively anonymous treasury department bureaucrat — assistant secretary Mark Mazur — to announce the rules change. More telling is that Mazur also skipped making the announcement personally, preferring to do so by publishing a blog post. Even more telling is that the announcement came on the eve of the July 4 holiday.

That’s the trifecta of obfuscation, and the reason is easily explained. Montana Democratic U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, who voted for Obamacare, has described the bill and its implementation as a “train wreck.” Now Obama’s announcement has confirmed that the White House not only is having a terrible time implementing the massive changes mandated by Obamacare but fears the political consequences that could come into play in November 2014. In other words, it’s the worst of all possible situations — bad policy and bad politics. In an effort to avoid double-trouble, President Obama, through his minion, temporarily pulled the plug on the employer mandate — the requirement that companies with 50 or more employees must pay a $2,000 per employee penalty if they do not provide health insurance that meets Obama’s specifications. In Obamaworld, the mandate makes perfect sense — just order it and thy will be done. In the real world, it poses problems — one of the biggest being that employers who can’t afford either employee health insurance or the $2,000 per employee penalty pursue legal efforts to avoid it. This would be a choking mandate even in economic squadron blue 13s for sale boom times. But in our current world of slow growth and unacceptably high unemployment, this requirement provides a huge disincentive for companies to hire new employees. That’s particularly so for small companies that have fewer than 50 employees and need to stay that way to avoid a crushing new financial burden. Business, of course, has been screaming bloody murder about the mandate from the start, only to be ignored by the Obama administration. But now the administration said it’s delaying implementation because of the “complexity of the requirements.”

In other words, actually creating the bureaucratic framework for putting the rule into action and overseeing its implementation is more than was anticipated by the those who came up with the idea in the first bugs bunny 8s place. Other than the sheer absurdity of this about-face, there are some additional troubling factors. For starters, Obamacare mandates the employer insurance requirement become effective on Jan. 1, 2014. Under what authority does the Obama administration just tell employers not to worry about it until Jan. 1, 2015? This is federal law that Obama has sworn an oath to enforce. Snapping one’s fingers and ordering something done is fine for potentates, but Obama, at least theoretically, can’t just rewrite federal law on a whim. Here’s another problem. Obama is defining full-time employees as those who work at least 30 hours a week. Employers concerned about costs were/are in the process of taking their part-time workers and putting many of them on schedules of less than 30 hours a week to avoid the mandate. Particularly hard hit are part-time restaurant and service employees, who can look forward to working fewer hours and earning less money.

This effort designed to help the little guy is having unintended consequences. The individual mandate, of course, remains in effect, and it’s increasingly predicted that millions of young, lower-income individuals will simply ignore it and opt to pay a fine for their refusal to comply. If they do buy health insurance, they can expect to pay dramatically higher rates as a consequence of the legislation’s goal of requiring young insureds to subsidize the health insurance costs of older insureds. It is, of course, no great surprise that implementing any kind of comprehensive legislation poses challenges. That goes with the territory. What generally does not go with the territory is the degree of difficulty posed specifically by Obamacare; the problems are becoming increasingly a topic of news articles that put the whole program in a negative light. That’s where politics comes into play. President Obama and the Democrats suffered a crushing defeat as a consequence of Obamacare in 2012 and want to avoid a similar drubbing in 2014, the results being that they decided to push the policy and the politics back to 2015 with the hope that most people won’t notice.

Canada gets expanded quota for autos in EU talks Canada has opened the door to increase car sales in Europe by eight-fold to 100,000 units under a proposed new trade grape 5s deal, The Canadian Press has learned. That potential win for the Canadian auto sector is one of several new elements highlighted in a leaked document — a seven-page German analysis, dated June 18 — that reveals several never-before-reported elements of the Harper government’s continuing negotiations with the European Union. If signed, these new elements would require Canada to eliminate its foreign ownership rules on uranium mining and lock in the most recent liberalized ownership rules in the lucrative telecom sector. Although it’s unclear whether the automotive quota represents a real or empty victory for the hard-pressed industry, the document does contain Germany’s reaction to the state of the talks, including a blistering comment on the sectoral deal. “So Canada has achieved 100 per cent of its negotiating position … Conclusion:

The car package is unacceptable in its present form,” the German analysis states. But in an earlier document from the European commission, also obtained by The bugs bunny 8s Canadian Press, the auto deal is categorized as at most a pyrrhic victory for Ottawa that would make it easier for the Harper government to sell a free-trade agreement to Canadians. “Given the significant EU trade surplus in the export of passenger cars … this request is of a political rather than economic importance so as to be able to present the car deal as balanced,” the commission states. The note points out that last year Canada exported a mere 13,000 cars to the EU, while shipments the other way totalled 114,000. The document also says that Canada is willing to get rid of non-resident ownership restrictions on the uranium industry. Current regulations cap foreign ownership of uranium mines at 49 per cent. “Canada will revise the conditions allowing for majority control over a company for the stage of first production for uranium mining and allow EU companies to obtain approval more easily,” the document says. Saskatchewan is one of the world’s leading uranium producing regions in the world. Premier Brad Wall and industry players have been pushing Ottawa to relax the foreign ownership restrictions in the sector.

The document also sheds new light on how sub-national government procurement would be liberalized to allow European firms access to Ontario and Quebec’s public hydro sectors, and freedom to bid on provincial and municipal tendering, as well as on universities, schools and hospital contracts. It is open to question whether the auto deal that Germany takes such exception to would have a material impact on two-way trade in the sector, which has in the past been decisively one-way from Europe to Canada. In the comments, the German memo explains that for the first 100,000 unit of exports, the Canadian content of those vehicles needed to qualify as Canadian will come down from the current EU policy of 60 per cent to 30 per cent. That means Ontario-assembled cars, which carry significant American content, will have a lower hurdle to clear. Given Canada’s current small share, however, analysis suggests the relaxed rules may be more beneficial to the U.S., since American manufacturers have “the possibility to export to the EU via Canada” duty-free. The document also notes that the 100,000 quota would likely be rolled into a North American package if the EU and the U.S. get together on a free-trade deal of their own, but would remain “permanent” if that does not happen.

Above the quota, stricter rules of origin will be applied. Canadian Auto Workers president Ken Lewenza said the quota is useless unless there are penalties to Europe for not meeting it, such as a delay in the elimination of the 6.1 per cent duty Canada charges on European car exports. Ideally, he said, the deal should require European automakers to open plants in Canada, as some Japanese automakers have done. But trade lawyer Lawrence Herman of Cassels Brock says critics shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the potential benefits, even if they are unlikely to be immediate payoffs. “I would say it’s a good deal for the auto sector because it is giving them expanded access to Europe, but whether we can take advantage of that is another matter.” He added that European negotiators are likely banking on low interest among their consumers for North American brands. Facing an election in two years, the Harper government is counting on its first and only major deal with a large, advanced market as evidence it is meeting the challenges of the global economy. But given that it is making numerous concessions to finalize the pact, it must also be able to point to clear victories.

The possibility of higher auto exports, as well as expanded access for beef sales — another key Canadian goal in the talks — would at least provide some cover for concessions Ottawa has apparently made over foreign investment, drug patents, government procurement and in the dairy bugs bunny 8s for sale sector, each of which will have their critics. “There is a huge imbalance between what Canada has offered and what we are getting,” said Stuart Trew, a trade specialist for the Council of Canadians. “On procurement, Canada has given up everything the Europeans were demanding and for what, I have to ask?” The German document makes clear that Canada has made several concessions in the talks, although it limits its comments to just a few. The deal would lock in the recent relaxation of restrictions in the telecommunications industry governing foreign ownership, meaning Ottawa could not change its mind in the future. As well, the document goes into detail about market liberalization in government procurement, a controversial chapter in Canada. As previously reported, Europe believes it has freed up access to bid on about 70 per cent of contracts in the hydro-electric sector. But the German notes complain that local public transport remains outside the deal at the moment, as does Ontario’s green energy plan, and provincial regional development in the case of Canada’s smaller provinces and territories.

It can live with the latter, document states, since the threshold for favouring local, non-urban contractors is extremely low at $1 million or less, and it will be limited to 10 instances a year. “In the overall package, however, the positive impact of the including of the Canadian provinces and other subcentral contracting authorities, and the improvement in the field of energy, is likely to outweigh the negative impact of these exceptions,” the document says.

Lions 2013: Bring on the All Blacks, says Warren Gatland Warren Gatland believes that the first series victory in 16 years for the British and Irish Lions means that the tourists can head to New Zealand in 2017 confident that they can win there for the first time in over four decades. The head coach also acknowledged that he would be interested in taking the Lions to his home country, New Zealand, in four years’ time if approached to do the job, although tour manager Andy Irvine has warned that their chances of success are likely to be hampered by bonkers and unfair fixture scheduling. Gatland was understandably upbeat about the future after the Lions’ stunning 41-16 victory against Australia on Saturday. He said: You look how young this Lions squad is, think how much better these players will be in four years’ time, and you realise that it could be incredibly strong.

That is something to be excited about. You always believe you can go somewhere to win. If we get everything right, with our preparation and the schedule, then it is possible. I am contracted through to 2015 with Wales and I am really excited about what we can do in the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup over the next couple of years. After that, I’ll think about my future, maybe hang up my boots, go to the beach, have some red wine and a cigar. Winning a couple of Grand Slams with Wales and reaching the semi-final of the World Cup has given me this opportunity with the Lions. If it came up again then it’s something I would jump at. Gatland also spoke about how he had considered turning his back on coaching after the abuse he has received on social media, notably the “vitriolic” criticism over the past few days after he dropped Brian O’Driscoll. Gatland concedes privately that it takes the fun out of doing the job and makes him wonder if it is worth the hassle. However, the Wales head coach also admitted that it was the lure of winning trophies that has tipped the balance for him. The criticism can be aggressive and it is usually anonymous.

It has been a learning experience for me. We have won the series and that is fantastic but if we had lost then the finger would have been pointed at me. “I promised myself years ago when I changed things for an Ireland game against Scotland and was influenced by outside things, that I would not let that happen again. I have kept true to myself rather than have any regrets. One of Gatland’s greatest challenges was in moulding a winning outfit with such little time for preparation and Irvine believes the situation will be no jordan 8 bugs bunny better in 2017. Any change would could only be made if an agreement is reached with the organisers of the Aviva Premiership, RaboDirect PRO12 and the Heineken Cup. There is little optimism on the Lions board that this will be achievable, however, given the failure to make any changes ahead of this tour despite strong recommendations by 2009 head coach Sir Ian McGeechan that the tourists required more preparation time. Gatland saw his Lions pretour training camps in Dublin and Cardiff disrupted by the loss of 14 of his squad as they were involved in the finals of the Premiership and Pro12 just two days before the squad departed for Hong Kong. Irvine admitted that it was an unacceptable scenario for future Lions coaches to contend with, but while he is adamant that it should be addressed in time for the New Zealand tour �C which will much more demanding in terms of early tour fixtures ahead of the Test series �C he is not optimistic.

Irvine, the former Scotland and Lions full-back who remains the tourists’ highest points scorer, says it is likely that only when the touring agreement with the Sanzar countries is up for renegotiation after 2017 that future head coaches will be allocated more preparation time with players. I passionately believe that the scheduling is all wrong, Irvine said. We as a board did our damnedest to try to give Warren a bit more time. It is absolutely bonkers that we have a Rabo final and an Aviva final 48 hours before we fly out and believe me, we tried as hard as we could to change that. I am not even sure if we can change it in four years’ time but thereafter, once the Sanzar agreement comes up for negotiation, make no mistake, our boys will be get more time with the players. They have to because it is unfair on the coaches and it is even more unfair on the players.

When asked why the Lions board did not act now to ensure the 2017 squad were given the best chance of beating New Zealand for the first time since 1971, Irvine said their hands were tied by contract commitments. What you have got to understand it that there is a legal binding contract in place and unless both parties to the change of that contract, you cannot break grape 5s for sale it, Irvine said. The Lions do not return home until Wednesday and have a couple of days R&R, with Irvine insisting that the squad have been trusted to be good ambassadors for the home nations. The boys have been bugs bunny 8s held in really high regard wherever they have gone here in Australia, said Irvine, who rated the achievement on Saturday on a par with the one he experienced himself as a player on the all-conquering tour of South Africa in 1974. We came here to win a series but also to be old-fashioned tourists.

The boys are allowed to enjoy themselves. I cannot tell you how highly I regard these young men. They have been so professional. “After the first Test in Brisbane, I did a sweep of the team room at 2:30 in the morning. Twelve of the lads were in there, four of them doing analysis on the computers. One of them was Mike Phillips. 2.30am on a Sunday morning? Mike Phillips is usually in a very different place. The culture in this squad has been fantastic.

Pilots Tried to Abort Landing Before Crash, N.T.S.B. Says The chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday that pilots of the Asiana Airlines jetliner that crashed a day earlier in San Francisco tried to abort the landing just seconds before the crash. The safety board chairwoman, Deborah Hersman, said Sunday at a briefing that a crew member called for an increase in speed seven seconds before the plane clipped an embankment at the edge of the runway. She said the plane was traveling well below the speed needed to maintain a stable angle of approach. The jetliner’s cockpit recorder included the sounds of an automatic shaking of the control yoke just before the crash, an indication that the plane was about to stall. The device also recorded a pilot’s voice calling for a go-round 1.5 seconds before the crash. While the engines responded normally, the move came too late to prevent the crash, Ms. Hersman said. The plane’s tail section then snapped off, and the plane skidded across the runway and caught fire.

Ms. Hersman’s description of how the plane slowed generally tracks other data showing the jetliner began to descend too fast because it did not have enough airspeed. Data collected by an aviation firm suggested the plane was descending more than four times faster than normal shortly before it crashed. At 800 feet over San Francisco Bay, the plane was descending at 4,000 feet a minute on Saturday, according to data gathered from FlightAware, a company that listens to navigation broadcasts and sells the data to airlines and others. The normal approach profile is 600 to 800 feet a minute. At the briefing, Ms. Hersman focused mainly on whether playoffs 12s for sale the pilots erred while making a series of calculations needed to land. While the pilot should have recognized the abnormally strong descent, the safety board also said Sunday that it was investigating whether construction at the airport �� which had temporarily shut down an electronic system that helps guide pilots to the proper landing slope �� might have played a role in the crash. The glide slope had been out since June, Ms. Hersman said on CBS’s Face the Nation. We’re going to take a look into this to understand it, she said. But what’s important to note is there are a lot of tools that are available to pilots.

The FlightAware data indicated that at 100 feet above the water, the plane was descending at more than 270 feet a minute when it should have been slowing to a rate of a few feet per second. FlightAware’s data is not as precise as the information available to investigators from the plane’s flight data recorder, which the safety board began examining on Sunday. But it provides an indication that in the last moments of the flight, unless there was some as-yet undisclosed mechanical problem, crew members, from their own instrumentation, should have been aware that the plane was descending too fast. Aviation experts said that the pilots, who were both veterans, could have also relied on red and white signal lights on the runway to visually guide the plane to touch down or, if they chose, on the plane’s onboard computers to generate the angle of approach. Witnesses and passengers have described the jetliner as coming in too low and clipping a rocky embankment at the edge of the water just before the runway. The plane’s tail section then snapped off, and the plane skidded across the runway and caught fire. Two passengers were killed, and at least 180 people were injured. The dead passengers were identified on Sunday as two 16-year-old Chinese students on their way to a summer camp.

The students, both women, were believed to have been seated toward the back of the passenger jet, said Yoon Young-doo, the president of Asiana Airlines. Their bodies were found on the runway. Mr. Yoon said Asiana Airlines did not believe there was anything wrong with the Boeing 777, which had been bought in 2006. At least 180 people were injured in the crash. So far, we don’t believe that there was anything wrong with the B777-200 or its engine, he said. He also apologized for the crash, saying, We are deeply sorry for causing the trouble. The flight had originated in Shanghai and left Seoul, South Korea, for San Francisco, the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said. The two students, the Chinese news media reported, were from Zhejiang Province in eastern China. Of the 291 passengers on board, 141 were jordan 12 playoffs Chinese, including at least 70 students and teachers on their way to summer camps, the Chinese news media reported.

Asiana Airlines identified the two students as Ye Meng Yuan and Wang Lin Jia. They were among 30 high school students from the town of Jiangshan who were planning to attend a 15-day English language program at California universities, the Oriental Morning Post, a Shanghai newspaper, reported. The school has been organizing similar summer programs for more than a decade for students who typically pay about $5,000 to attend, the newspaper reported. Five teachers were accompanying the students. Another 30 students and 6 teachers from Shanxi Province in northern China were also aboard the flight, Xinhua, China’s official news service reported. One teacher from that group was reported injured. Ms. Wang’s parents were waiting with a group of other parents from their daughter’s school when they were told of her death. They burst into tears, according to Zhejiang Online, a news Web site. In San Francisco on Sunday, federal investigators continued piecing together the events that led up to and caused the crash. Ms. Hersman of the safety board said that there was no indication of a criminal act, but that it was too early to determine what went wrong.

Everything is still on the table, she said on NBC’s Meet the Press. When the Asiana flight crashed, some of the normal landing aids on the airfield were out of service, but the landing should have been well within the capabilities of the airplane and the crew, aviation experts said. Even if it was the least experienced crew in Asiana Airlines, the maneuver that led to bugs bunny 8s this crash, on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, this was a 2 or 3 at the most,” said Oscar S. Garcia, the chairman of InterFlight Global Corporation, a consulting firm. A government official in Washington said that the instrument landing system, which electronically guides a pilot to the runway, had been out of service for several weeks because of construction at the end of the runway. Another system, which uses patterns of red and white lights to visually guide pilots, was in service, the official said. Airlines had been told that the system was out of service, and many carriers, including Asiana, had been landing for weeks on that runway without difficulty, the official said. Air traffic control tapes indicate that the controller cleared the plane for a visual approach, for which the system was not necessary. Still, some experts said that pilots often have little opportunity to practice landings without the aid of such technology, particularly on international flights into large, technologically advanced airports like San Francisco International.

Kirk Koenig, a pilot with a major American carrier, said that before flying into San Francisco International last week, he could not remember the last time he had made a purely visual landing. You don’t always need it, he said, referring to the instrument landing system. But it’s a nice little aid to know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Several dozen people remain at hospitals, though many have been discharged. On Sunday, there were still 19 patients at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, down from a high of 53 on Saturday. Of those, six, including one child, are critically injured, said Rachael Kagan, a hospital spokeswoman. The force of the crash fractured the spines of several passengers, causing paralysis in some cases, Dr. Margaret Knudson, the hospital’s chief surgeon, said at a news conference. Others, she said, had severe road rash as if they had been dragged. She said doctors had expected to see burns, but that there were few. Of the patients who could speak, she said, all said that they were in the back of the plane when it crashed.

Murray survives 5-setter to reach Wimbledon semis In the stands and from afar, some of the biggest names in Britain were cheering on Andy Murray at Wimbledon. There was Alex Ferguson, the recently retired manager of Manchester United, sitting among the crowd at the All England Club and smiling broadly. And there was David Cameron, the country’s prime minister, tweeting his well-wishes before the match and then later a photo of him watching it on television. Murray didn’t let either of them down, or any of his other bugs bunny 8s millions of fans, but he did make it hard to take at times.

The second-seeded Briton advanced to the Wimbledon semifinals for the fifth straight year, overcoming a two-set deficit to beat Fernando Verdasco 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-5 Wednesday on Centre Court. “I think when you play more and more matches and gain more experience you understand how to jordan 12 playoffs turn matches around and how to change the momentum of games, Murray jordan 8 phoenix suns said, relating his comeback win to one of Ferguson’s famous late turnarounds with Man United. “Maybe when I was younger I could have lost that match. But I think I’ve learnt how to come back from tough situations more as I got older. Ferguson is becoming something of a regular at Murray’s big matches. Along with Sean Connery, Ferguson even crashed a post-match news conference last year after Murray won his first Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open.

Ferguson didn’t make it that far this time, but there could be two matches still to go at Wimbledon, where a British man has not won the title since Fred Perry in 1936. “Just got off the court a few minutes ago, so I haven’t seen anyone yet, Murray said flatly about Ferguson, perhaps trying to downplay the feeling of having such an accomplished fan in his corner. One of many accomplished fans, it turns out. Cameron may have skipped the trip out to the All England Club, but before the match he wrote on Twitter that he wished Murray luck. He did the same for Laura Robson ahead of her fourth-round loss on Monday, leading some to think his gesture could be a bad omen, a so-called “Cameron curse. It looked like there could have been something to that over the first two sets against Verdasco, but it didn’t seem to matter in the end. Or, according to Murray, it didn’t matter at all.

“What he tweets has absolutely zero bearing on the outcome of my match today. Zero at all, Murray said. “It’s nice to get messages from the prime minister, but whether I win or not, his tweet has no bearing on that at all. In the semifinals, Murray will face Jerzy Janowicz, a 22-year-old from Poland who beat Lukasz Kubot 7-5, 6-4, 6-4. Like Verdasco on Wednesday, it will be Janowicz that will next play across the net from an opponent who is going to get another large helping of support from the local fans, both celebrity and ordinary alike. “Fun, Janowicz said of playing Murray. “It’s fun.

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The People Have Spoken, and Pluto’s Tiny Moons Have Names Formerly known as P4 and P5, Pluto’s tiniest moons now have official names: Kerberos and Styx. The names were among the top three selected by voters during a two-week polling period; they have just been approved by the International Astronomical Union’s official nomenclature committee. Thus, from this day forward, the two tiniest of rocks orbiting the overgrown-snowball-formerly-known-as-a-planet will conjure the tales of a three-headed dog guarding the gates of the underworld (Kerberos), squadron blue 13s and the river that doomed souls must cross (Styx). I hope the public is going to be pleased with the decisions that were made, said Mark Showalter, the SETI Institute scientist who discovered P4 in 2011 and P5 in 2012. I don’t think anybody’s ever tried quite the scale of an Internet poll as we did.

Normally, whoever discovers a new celestial body gets a crack at naming it. But Showalter and his colleagues decided to take a more populist approach: They offered the public a chance to christen the new moons. For two weeks in February, anyone with a computer could vote for their favorite names, or suggest ideas of their own. The caveats: Names needed to represent characters bearing more than just a passing relation to Pluto, the Greek god of the underworld, and must not have already been bestowed upon a celestial solar system object. Initially, there were 12 names on the ballot, including such minions of Hades as Eurydice, Alecto, and Persephone. After a few days, Showalter added eight more. By the time voting closed, more than 450,000 votes had been cast, and voters had written in with 30,000 other options (including Stephen and Colbert, Mickey and Minnie, Potato and Pota(h)to, and various siblings claimed to be underworldly).

Among those write-ins was Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and volcanic fury, and jordan 8 phoenix suns the first addition to the ballot. Suggested on February 12 in a tweet by the actor William Shatner, Vulcan quickly zoomed ahead of the competition, leading the final tally with more than 170,00 votes. Showalter submitted Vulcan, and second-place Cerberus (99,432 votes) to the International Astronomical Union for approval. But when mulling over the names, the IAU found there were already too many objects named after Vulcan C not including the fictional home world of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock C and after much deliberation, ruled that Vulcan wouldn’t work. What? That’s impossible! I’m going to lead a revolt, Shatner said, when Wired told him of the outcome. Pluto is so big and cold that it deserved to have a hot little rock running around it, named Vulcan for fire.

Cerberus, too, ran into trouble C it was also already in use, by an asteroid. Instead, Showalter and colleagues tried Kerberos, the Greek spelling. And in place of Vulcan, they submitted third-place Styx (87,858 votes), which in addition to being a river, is also the name of the goddess of unbreakable oaths. It’s a disappointment of mine that Vulcan wasn’t approved by the IAU, but there were so many issues around it having to do with its prior use, Showalter said, noting that Vulcan is the name of a hypothetical inner solar bugs bunny 8s system planet, as well as a class of sun-grazing asteroids. The decision doesn’t rule out the possibility of something named after Vulcan in the Pluto system, however. When the New Horizons spacecraft flies near the five-mooned world in 2015, it’ll be busy snapping photos of Pluto and its largest satellite, Charon.

The images should return incredibly detailed views of these far-off iceballs, pictures that will allow scientists C and the rest of us C to discern surface features like craters and mountains. Unlike orbiting bodies, these features aren’t subject to many nomenclature restrictions (which leads to such awesomeness as Mount Doom on Titan and various artists on Mercury). Right now, New Horizons is still 6 astronomical units away from Pluto, and the planetary runt is still just a bright point of light. By April 2015, the spacecraft will be close enough to the distant, icy world that its onboard cameras should produce images exceeding the resolution of the best Hubble Space Telescope images. Maybe, hiding somewhere in those pixels, is a kick-ass ice volcano that could only be called Vulcan, an erupting fountain of fury that wouldn’t be the same by any other name.

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New Jordans 2013 Data as proof, in the finals of the first four games, Ginobili is averaging only 7.5 points, to 34.5 percent hit rate, three-point shooting is a miserable 18.8%. In addition to his presence were 24 minutes of playing time and 1.5 rebounds and 3 assists, accompanied by 1.8 turnovers. Compared with the regular season, Yao Dao playing time does not change, but his figures into account, in addition to mistakes than have different rate of decline.

Bugs Bunny 8s Even worse is that defensive end for the Spurs Ginobili also have a negative impact. When he sat on the bench, the Spurs 108.6 per 100 possessions can get points for each one hundred rounds of lost points compared with 89.7 points; contrary when Yaodao go into battle, the Spurs scored per 100 possessions quickly fell to 101.2 points, on the contrary every one hundred Round lose points jumped to 123.9 points! From the comparison of the data point of view, it is too difficult to read some more. Furthermore Ginobili debut, often means Leonard or Green fate, which two players are excellent array Spurs defender. But when Ginobili poor state when he was replaced by play is tantamount to self-weakened team’s offensive and defensive. During the finals, Ginobili broke into the restricted area was only just 11 in five of efficiency, to know that in the past, reached the restricted area after the score, but Yaodao famous stunt.

Nike Air Presto 2013 Ginobili Another function is that in Parker (microblogging) team played fate rest of the organizers for his teammates conveying shells. However, in the heat of high-intensity defense oppression, would spread the strike is not easy, so Duncan will open in the fourth game after the game, said: “Ginobili should hit some of the more selfish.” On this point, Miami has made a demonstration for the Spurs, Wade (microblogging) with a wonderful solo performance to lead the defending champion to win the victory, then Manu yet.


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Mike Miller alternative power forward New Jordans 2013 Udonis Haslem is. As a result, Miami resorted to a small lineup, James stood forward position. Evolutions advantage of Miami have more floor space shooter can be opened. Why is it considered evolutions Adams handsome? Haslem is not because the performance is not good, but because the three games before the finals Spurs shrinking defense did well, which makes LeBron – James and Dwyane Wade almost no space for a breakthrough.

Adams handsome stage in the Bugs Bunny 8s minds of the lineup is Bosh, James, Miller, Wade and Chalmers. This five people in total during the regular season starting two times, two games, respectively, and the Celtics beat the Bulls, averaging a score of 107 points. In the playoffs, the five people together played 22 minutes, scoring nine points more than the opponent. Miller first means James will serve in the opening stages Miami’s defensive center, he will spend more time marker Tim Duncan. During the finals, Udonis Haslem on the defensive Duncan has done well, but struggled on the offensive end.

Now the situation is very Nike Air Presto 2013 uncertain, the remaining competition finals will be more relying on those Adams handsome pitcher, because in the very close attention to the Spurs, the three giants in order to simultaneously broke really hard. ESPN said that from the current situation, Spoelstra will reduce Norris – Cole playing time and more opportunities to Shane. During the Eastern Conference finals and Finals, Battier has dropped out of the Heat’s rotation. Today, Battier is expected to usher in turn.


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Since Yao Ming New Jordans 2013 and Tracy McGrady left the team, the Rockets have been looking for star players. The beginning of the season, the Rockets traded for Harden, from the current point of view, they are obviously not satisfied here. According to experts, Jonathan – Fagan said the rocket in addition to chase Howard, but also want to get Chris – Paul.

For the Rockets Bugs Bunny 8s, it is now the most difficult is how to free up salary-cap space to chase these two players. From the existing situation, the Rockets next season’s payroll of about $ 54.9 million, while the league salary cap is approximately $ 58.5 million, which means the rocket leaving only about $ 3.6 million to chase Paul and Howard, it is clearly unlikely to be successful. If the Rockets can get Paul and Howard, then the new season, they will need to pay the two salary of about $ 39.2 million. For the Rockets, they are now the first choice does not perform Garcia’s team option, but cut Delfino and Brooks, so the Rockets will have $ 15.5 million for about signings. In addition, the Rockets traded away Thomas also need to choose – Robinson. If the Rockets can no longer abandon Smith, Beverly and Anderson, the Rockets will be able to have about $ 20 million for the signings for the introduction of Paul speaking, this salary may be sufficient. Next, you need to consider the rocket carried a sign with the Lakers for a way to get Howard.

Of course Air Jordan 28, for the Lakers, they have the opportunity to get Jeremy Lin, Asik and young players such as Jones, which to some extent, can enhance the Lakers lineup depth. And if the Lakers want to remain competitive, then, perhaps even asked for Parsons. If Jeremy Lin to be joining the Lakers, he will work with mentor Germany – Anthony together again, maybe he has a chance at Lakers staged Lin crazy type show.


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Nike Air Presto 2013 and he got game 13s