Rockets general manager GS Jordan Shoes Daryl Morey online to answer fan questions revealed, the Rockets will try to get the new season Howard played power forward, while allowing Asik as the starting center. It can be seen, although currently no Asik leave, but the status of the team, he seems to refuse to make concessions, it is likely that he and the Rockets broke the precursor. Warcraft announced last month after joining Houston, the first time the Turks had given his own attitude: do not want to play together and Dwight, do not want to come off the bench, and the initiative to ask Morey will send him. But the Rockets management did not agree to his request, but tend to leave Asik.
U.S. experts are not optimistic about the GS Jordans for sale many prospects for cooperation in this big, many people in the industry believe that the Howard and Asik lack of decent low back body attack capabilities, and are defensive master, features some overlap, it is difficult coexist indefinitely. Some experts even predict that Asik will be next season’s trade deadline to be sent away. Today, users interact and when Morey asked by many fans of the new season, the topic of how to use Asik. There are outspoken fans that look to the league, the Rockets could get the same strength of the center Asik with a handful of players, how do you let him leave Asik and power maximization? Morey did not shy away, he sincerely replied: Kevin (McHale) intends to try to get in training camp starting with Asik and Howard, the former play center, Dwight play power forward, if the result is good, then we would have been done. Morey also said Asik I insist on starting to play, also admitted that the latter does have served as the starting strength. See, Morey’s heart is very tangled, while the Rockets decided to play the twin towers and tactics, but also forced because Asik playing time and refused to compromise on the starting identity.
It is conceivable that if the rocket hit the GS Jordans 4 twin towers of the tactical attempt fails, it is very likely to choose trading Asik. In other words, training camp trying to get Howard to play power forward (Asik as the starting center), the management retain Asik’s last attempt, perhaps in victory or defeat this in one fell swoop. As Asik moving too slow, does not have the ability to play the 4th place, so the Rockets attempt Twin Towers tactics, the only grievance under Howard, let the World of Warcraft to play power forward, for Dwight, the This is undoubtedly a great challenge, because he had not been a similar attempt. Discerning eye can see, let Howard play power forward, and so was destroyed and his offensive power, because World of Warcraft is best at scoring area is in the basket, rather than the projection distance. In other words, the rocket’s Twin Towers try hard to optimistic outlook, Asik leave probably only a matter of time.

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